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Where do I stand on the Second Amendment? An interchange from Facebook.

John Eddington - What are your thoughts on the second amendment

Mike Landry - John Eddington he's not gonna answer that!

Dana Buckley - Mike Landry Democrats have shown time and time again that they will run roughshod over the first and second amendment to advance their Marxist agenda. Vote straight Republican in Rockingham 2.

Richard Boisvert for NH State Rep -

John Eddington, Mike Landry and Dana Buckley, I support the constitution with all its amendments. The first amendment is perhaps the most important in that it sets forth guarantees of freedom of speech, assembly and religion. Sometimes we may not like the way others utilize those freedoms but they must be respected. That said, the Supreme Court has said that there are limits (the old not yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater thing). And that is what the Court is for. We may not like some of the decisions the court makes but, again, they must be respected.

As for the second amendment, of course I support it. And the Supreme Court has further supported it. I do note that the amendment begins with "A well regulated militia..." which clearly states regulations are explicitly expected. Interestingly Justice Scalia, in supporting the right of individuals to possess firearms also made clear that the States had the exclusive right to maintain militias. So called volunteer "militias" that take it into their own hands to try and intimidate state governments, as in Michigan within the last year, are not legal. In my opinion they are nothing less than paramilitary organizations and on a par with street gangs. They openly display military level weaponry in order to intimidate.

The Second Amendment must not be used to suppress the First Amendment.

As for Democrats running roughshod to advance Marxist agendas, c'mon - that statement is equivalent to saying Republicans are all racist, white nationalists bent on ethnic cleansing.

... Democrats, Undeclareds and Republicans fed up with the offensive behavior of Spillane and others need to cast their ballots differently. Hal Rafter and Richard Boisvert are two who would honorably represent and serve the people of Nottingham in Concord. - Beth Benham, Nottingham

I am Richard Boisvert and I would like to introduce myself to you as a candidate for State Representative for Rockingham District 2. (cont'd)


Foster care in New Hampshire comes under the responsibility of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Division for Children, Youth, & Families (DCYF). Currently it is estimated that there are 900 children in foster care in NH. That agency, however, is hard pressed to meet the needs of children who are, or should be, in foster care. This issue is particularly important and personal as my wife and I have been foster parents in both Kentucky and New Hampshire. (cont'd)